Host and Earn

Host and Earn

We Build it and you Earn it


If your property is not in a city, has its’ natural beauty, with outdoor activities close by, or is quirky/unique and picturesque, we could deploy a tiny house to you for free or at minimum cost to you. We will assess once you provide us with the information we need, which is detailed below. As a host, you will manage the operation in hosting guests ( i.e cleaning, replacing towels, clearing the composting toilet, etc.)

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Keep it clean & tidy

We require the tiny house to be maintained, and at times, to look for local tradies for the repair of the tiny house. Please note that our tiny houses will need both electrical power (240V/15Amp) and water (via Garden hose) to operate, while the hot water system will be driven by gas bottles.

Where to park?

The location for the tiny house should be out of sight to the public and be away from your main residence for your privacy. Generally, one tiny house will be deployed, and the following deployments will be assessed based on demand.

Ready to Earn?

Hosting a tiny house is financially rewarding. If this intrigues you, contact us with the following information for our assessment to

Start Earning

Financial Reward