The Joey

The Joey a safe home

The Joey – Your Ultimate Solution for Portable, Affordable, and Stylish Tiny Homes Tailored for Every Australian Family!

Discover a new era of modern living with our meticulously crafted tiny homes, designed to meet the highest standards and perfectly suited for Australia’s diverse weather conditions. Tiny Mobile Homes ensures you’re covered, no matter the climate.


Additional Information's:

1x Gas Bottles 9kg
1x Hardwood Deck 2m (L)x 1.5m (W) & Stairs (Optional Extras)

1x Kitchen – Bench top and cupboards
1x Kitchen – Sink, Tap and Mixer
1x Kitchen – Overhead shelf with LED lights
1x Bathroom – Shower base / glass
1x Bathroom – Shower head and mixer
1x Bathroom – Vanity and tap ware
1x Bathroom – Vanity shelf and large mirror

Toilet Setup Options:
– Flushing Toilet (connect to main)
– Macerator (Connect to Septic Tank)
– Composite
– Cassette (Caravan style – ideal for short term stay)

Optional Extras
1x Queen size bed
1x 40″ Smart TV
1x Sofa Lounge 3 seater
1x Bar Chairs

Project Plan

Project Floor Plan