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Tiny Mobile Homes

People all over Australia are discovering big living in smaller spaces. The innovation is changing how they live in the world, whether they want a completely off-grid tiny house with solar panels and a composting toilet or something with the standard amenities.

Building Tiny Homes Across Australia

If you can dream it in tiny home form, our skilled team can build it. Tiny Mobile offers several standard floor plans and the ability to custom build. If you’re interested in living tiny or want to rent a tiny home on your property out, we can help you build.

Beach Cabins
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Reduce Carbon Footprint

Building a tiny home takes two to three months. Our experts can customize anything you like when you order, even creating a completely off-grid tiny house with solar panels and a composting toilet.

Mobile business

If you’re interested in a mobile business, we build that as well. We’ve had clients turn our tiny homes into dental offices, dog grooming venues, and more on wheels. Connect with our team today to see how we can modify our tiny houses to meet your needs.

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Pioneers in Tiny House Construction

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Leaders in Innovation, Design and Quality

We build sustainably, and we build to maximize space.

We aim for every tiny home we make to be functional, beautiful,

and liveable.

Towards that end, we’re constantly innovating and developing better concepts for our Australian-built tiny houses.

Completely Off-Grid

Whether you choose a grid-connected, custom, or completely off-grid tiny home with solar panels and a composting toilet, we use eco-friendly materials and designs. When we build, we build for you so you can change how you live in the world.

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Join the Movement

Across Australia, people are discovering how tiny house builders can create the tiny homes they want quickly. We’re proud to be part of the movement changing how people live, and Tiny Mobile hopes to become part of your tiny home story.