About Us

Innovation at Every Turn

Tiny Mobile founders cordinate a passion into reality, combining construction with innovation our engineering team become to pioneers in the industry. 

Founding Tiny Mobile

The founding team at Tiny Mobile had over 20 years of construction experience at the time. They worked on a variety of projects and all reached the same conclusion. Conventional construction was missing something.

Every home the founding team lived in had so much space, and while it was often helpful, it also added up to more costs in their lives. Things like cleaning and repairs kept requiring investment. At that point, the tiny home movement caught their attention.

Our founders looked into the movement and found that many were still creating their own homes. While admirable, this became a barrier to entry into the community. Our founders decided to change that.

Tiny Mobile was born to make living small easier and more accessible for more people. We’re proud to help people change their lives as Australian tiny house builders.

A Tiny Home In Australian Wilderness.jpg

What We Do

Our work changes lives and opens up lifestyles for people. Whether someone wants a grid-connected tiny guesthouse or a completely off-grid tiny home with solar panels and a composting toilet, we make it possible.

Using modular design and a constant search for innovations, Tiny Mobile is Australia’s tiny house builder. We design functional spaces for our clients, build them in our workshop, and deliver them anywhere in Australia.

Tiny Mobile helps people change how they live in the world. We offer Australians tiny homes either from our standard plans or as custom builds, so our clients receive the space they need. We also offer quality accessories that make tiny home living even more manageable.

All Hands In


Tiny homes are here to stay, and they’re a practical option. We invite everyone to join the movement and learn more about these fantastic options for housing and travel. We’re part of a larger movement, and we want everyone to access it comfortably.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a grid-connected home or a completely off-grid tiny house with solar panels and a composting toilet. We’re here to support community members and change how people live in the world.